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Michelle Rossman

Olmsted County Commissioner, District 5

To listen, collaborate and communicate the needs of District 5 residents.


Interaction with community members and groups to understand needs and gaps in services and resources. 


Transparent dialogue to fully define current and future resource needs with creative brainstorming and strategic planning


Dedication to a mindset of partnership with diverse public and private groups for optimal resource use and impact

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Michelle has been an Olmsted County resident for more than 20 years. She’s raised a family, managed a family business and supported the local community in many volunteer positions. Her time spent assisting with Olmsted County 4-H and Extension Committee, Byron FFA and Holy Spirit Catholic Church provided insights into community needs.


Michelle’s career in food safety and environmental sustainability as well as business management provides vital skills for her current role as a County Commissioner. Budget management, strategic planning, critical thinking, group facilitation and program evaluation are talents she applies to her responsibilities as a commissioner. Olmsted County manages many diverse programs and services as mandated by the state of MN as their responsibilities to maintain public safety, infrastructure and public health are executed. Michelle is committed to fiscal responsibility, efficient use of resources and optimizing partnerships to ensure effective and best use of tax revenue for the long-term health and sustainability of Olmsted County.


Michelle has established herself as a strong leader who puts in the time to understand the history of an issue, delve into data and collects community input. She’s committed to building solutions that meet diverse needs and are impactful today and into the future.


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